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#1395: SDHC-Support
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  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => community


 I added support for SDHC on Glamo SD in U-Boot some months ago and tested
 it on a 4GB Sandisk SDHC card I bought.  Unlike Linux U-Boot doesn't have
 a protocol stack concept, so it only applies to the GTA02 driver.

 Also, at that time ext2 support in U-Boot simply didn't work, you have to
 currently make a VFAT partition initially to hold the uImage.bin so U-Boot
 can parse the FS.  With that done SDHC boot is fine on GTA02 (on my large
 sample population of 1 card, anyway).

 For me, adding support for SDHC in GTA01 is a WONTFIX though, but if
 someone else in interested they should diff the protocol parts of the
 Glamo MCI driver and the s3c one in U-Boot and bring the changes over.
 That being the case I will close this with the new figleaf "community"
 (while kinda expecting this very act may spark someone to actually do it
 ;-) )

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