Openmoko Bug #1514: wifi policy needed

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Fri Jun 27 06:22:26 CEST 2008

#1514: wifi policy needed
 Reporter:  marek    |       Owner:  will            
     Type:  task     |      Status:  new             
 Priority:  high     |   Milestone:  ASU             
Component:  unknown  |     Version:  current svn head
 Severity:  major    |    Keywords:  pm              
 We need a defined wifi policy for ASU. [[BR]]
 For example:[[BR]]
 - When the phone is turned on - should wifi be an/disabled ?[[BR]]
 - Should the phone scan for wifi networks all the time ?[[BR]]
 - After turning on the wifi should the phone connect to known networks
 automatically ? Only to crypted ? What if we have more than one known
 network ?[[BR]]
 - What should the phone do if we loose the connection to our current
 network ?[[BR]]

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