[Bug 1238] SIM card contacts not displayed

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------- Additional Comments From olv at openmoko.com  2008-03-05 12:31 -------
It checks the names to avoid duplications.  So if you make change to the name or
delete an contact, it will be imported again next time phonekit starts.

Because of the limitations of phonebook comparing to EBook, phonebook
manipulations should not be transparent.  That is, we do not propagate changes
to EBook back to phonebook automatically.  Instead, other than talking to EBook,
openmoko-contacts should also talk to a not-existing-yet dbus interface for
phonebook manipulations.  E.g., when moving the storage of certain contact to
the phonebook, openmoko-contacts should pop up a dialog warning the user that
some infomation might be lost; or, before entering information that is not able
to be stored in the phonebook, a dialog should pop up and asks if the user want
to move the storage to the phone.

Therefore, I prefer not to change phonebook in a way that is not visible by the

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