[Bug 1252] usb0 no longer comes up if booting with usb plugged in

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Wed Mar 5 22:28:31 CET 2008


------- Additional Comments From me at felipebalbi.com  2008-03-05 22:28 -------
Could you describe more ?
Did you change your kernel version (on your host machine i mean) recently?
Which kernel version is your host machine running ?

This error can only occur if the urb can't be submitted to the device in case it
couldn't get and endpoint for that. Then urb.c:usb_submit_urb() will return
-ENOENT and up in message.c:usb_start_wait_urb() this value is changed to
-ETIMEDOUT in the line:

57	retval = (ctx.status == -ENOENT ? -ETIMEDOUT : ctx.status);

and retval is return from that function to message.c:usb_internal_control_msg()
and to message.c:usb_control_msg() and finally to message.c:usb_get_descriptor().

So, most likely this is a bug coming from host machine. If you tell me which
kernel version is your host machine running I could prepare a diagnostic patch
to get more info.

BTW, enable CONFIG_USB_DEBUG for you kernel and also try to get some usbmon
traces. This would help a lot understanding the problem ;-)

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