[Bug 1252] usb0 no longer comes up if booting with usb plugged in

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Sat Mar 8 02:58:06 CET 2008


------- Additional Comments From werner at openmoko.org  2008-03-08 02:58 -------
I've noticed EoUSB occasionally not coming up (unplugging and replugging
always fixed this), but haven't been able to establish a pattern so far.
If anyone sees this on a regular basis, the following information would
be useful:

- does this affect ttyACM (u-boot) as well ?
- what sequence(s) of events lead(s) to this failure ?
- are there small alterations of the above sequence(s) that makes the
  problem go away ?

Items that are relevant parts of these sequences would include:

- how did we reset ? Power on, USB insertion, JTAG reset, ...
- NOR or NAND boot ?
- bootmenu activation ?
- is a splash image loaded ?
- from where is the kernel loaded ?

- Werner

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