[Bug 1224] Qemu-neo1973 needs to pass the init script through the preboot-override

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Fri Mar 14 00:19:51 CET 2008


nikosverschore at gmail.com changed:

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------- Additional Comments From nikosverschore at gmail.com  2008-03-14 00:19 -------
I think it isn't fixed yet:

rm -f images/openmoko/env
[ -d stamps ] || mkdir stamps
touch stamps/images
( cd build/qemu && openmoko/flash.sh ../../images/openmoko )
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/black/progie/openmoko/build/qemu/openmoko'
make[1]: `splash.gz' is up to date.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/black/progie/openmoko/build/qemu/openmoko'
Using 'uImage-2.6.24+svnr4184-r4165-r3-neo1973.bin' as the kernel image.
as the root filesystem image.
as bootloader.
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/black/progie/openmoko/build/qemu/openmoko'
# Making an empty/erased flash image.  Need a correct echo behavior.
echo -en \\0377\\0377\\0377\\0377\\0377\\0377\\0377\\0377 > .8b
cat .8b .8b > .16b # OOB is 16 bytes
cat .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b > .512b
cat .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b >> .512b
cat .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b >> .512b
cat .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b >> .512b
cat .512b .16b > .sec # A sector is 512 bytes of data + OOB
cat .sec .sec .sec .sec .sec .sec .sec .sec > .8sec
cat .8sec .8sec .8sec .8sec .8sec .8sec .8sec .8sec > .64sec
cat .64sec .64sec .64sec .64sec .64sec .64sec .64sec .64sec > .512sec
cat .512sec .512sec .512sec .512sec > .2ksec
cat .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec > .16ksec
# Neo NAND is 128k sectors big
cat .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec >
rm -rf .8b .16b .512b .sec .8sec .64sec .512sec .2ksec .16ksec
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/black/progie/openmoko/build/qemu/openmoko'
Please wait, programming the NAND flash...
neo_gsm_switch: GSM disabled.

U-Boot 1.3.1+git10bbb38a402a2faf18858c451bcdc63d45888e6e+svn4118 (Feb 29 2008 -

I2C:   ready
DRAM:  128 MB
NAND:  Bad block table not found for chip 0
Bad block table not found for chip 0
64 MiB
Video: 640x480x8 31kHz 59Hz
USB:   S3C2410 USB Deviced
mtdparts variable not set, see 'help mtdparts'
mtdparts variable not set, see 'help mtdparts'
mtdparts variable not set, see 'help mtdparts'
mtdparts variable not set, see 'help mtdparts'
mtdparts variable not set, see 'help mtdparts'
pcf_write: charging in Qualification Mode.
pcf_write: charge voltage 4.20V.
neo_lcd_rst_switch: LCD reset.
jbt6k74_command: Display on.
neo_vib_switch: Buzz, buzz.
neo_vib_switch: Vibrator stopped.
neo_bl_switch: LCD Backlight now on.
qemu: fatal: Trying to execute code outside RAM or ROM at 0x00000000

R00=33f1fc04 R01=ffffffff R02=00000000 R03=34008524
R04=00000000 R05=00000000 R06=00000000 R07=00000000
R08=33f17fdc R09=00000000 R10=00000000 R11=00000000
R12=0000004a R13=33f14d84 R14=00000000 R15=00000000
PSR=60000153 -ZC- A svc32
s00=00000000(       0) s01=00000000(       0) d00=0000000000000000(       0)
s02=00000000(       0) s03=00000000(       0) d01=0000000000000000(       0)
s04=00000000(       0) s05=00000000(       0) d02=0000000000000000(       0)
s06=00000000(       0) s07=00000000(       0) d03=0000000000000000(       0)
s08=00000000(       0) s09=00000000(       0) d04=0000000000000000(       0)
s10=00000000(       0) s11=00000000(       0) d05=0000000000000000(       0)
s12=00000000(       0) s13=00000000(       0) d06=0000000000000000(       0)
s14=00000000(       0) s15=00000000(       0) d07=0000000000000000(       0)
s16=00000000(       0) s17=00000000(       0) d08=0000000000000000(       0)
s18=00000000(       0) s19=00000000(       0) d09=0000000000000000(       0)
s20=00000000(       0) s21=00000000(       0) d10=0000000000000000(       0)
s22=00000000(       0) s23=00000000(       0) d11=0000000000000000(       0)
s24=00000000(       0) s25=00000000(       0) d12=0000000000000000(       0)
s26=00000000(       0) s27=00000000(       0) d13=0000000000000000(       0)
s28=00000000(       0) s29=00000000(       0) d14=0000000000000000(       0)
s30=00000000(       0) s31=00000000(       0) d15=0000000000000000(       0)
FPSCR: 00000000
openmoko/flash.sh: line 91: 21901 Aborted                 (core dumped) $qemu
-mtdblock "$script_dir/$flash_base" -kernel "$script_dir/$1" -serial stdio
-nographic -usb -monitor null 0<&0

U-boot failed to finish writing in 300 seconds, giving up.

openmoko/flash.sh: line 96: 21902 Terminated              ( sleep $2; kill $pid;
sleep 1; kill -KILL $pid )
openmoko/flash.sh: line 96: kill: (-21838) - No such process
make: *** [flash-qemu-official] Error 255

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