[Bug 1172] cannot hear any sound from dialer in GTA02

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------- Additional Comments From andy at openmoko.com  2008-03-14 10:44 -------
Thanks for the clarification... comment #1 says to make a call to reproduce.

I never heard a quiet startup sound in the few times I booted on recent rootfs 
with the sound.

There is a class of known problems hiding in the kernel that are driver 
startup races.  For example a driver wants to change a PMU setting, but maybe 
the PMU device does not exist yet, since it only exists after the I2C driver 
comes up and I2C is probed.  This class of problems makes particular havoc 
during suspend / resume due to ordering issues.  I mention it because these 
races are sensitive to the kernel .config.

Can it be something along those lines?  Did you manage to find any difference 
from dumping the codec/mixer registers down I2C when it was happy or sad?

Are we talking about the simple transducer on L/ROUT2 of the WM8753L or 
L/ROUT1 which has a lot of other circuitry on it?

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