[Bug 1279] RNDIS no longer works with Windows -- regression

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------- Additional Comments From cwixon at usa.net  2008-03-18 18:50 -------
No, unfortunately, plugging/unplugging, rebooting, ifdown/ifup, etc. on the Neo
side don't have any effect.

I can be a bit more precise:

Unplugging the cable makes the RNDIS entry in Windows Device Manager disappear
(as you'd expect), and when you plug it back in, it reappears (but is still
broken).  So Windows does SEE it, but it can't make the connection.

But ifdown/ifup does nothing whatsoever, so far as I can tell.

Unplugging the cable and plugging it into a different USB port on the host
causes the device to be enumerated differently, but otherwise no difference
(still broken).

Graeme: I know the PXA 27x RNDIS has been broken with Windows for a long time,
but I recall Richard Purdie had patches to fix that problem (for example, on the
iPAQ hx4700).  I can't say whether that (or something similar) is the problem
here, but I CAN say that with the Neo, at least:

   Windows RNDIS did *not* work with kernels before 2.6.22

   It *did* work on 2.6.22

   It's failing again on 2.6.24.

So perhaps there is a patch that fell out at some point going from .22 to .24. 
Where in the 2.6.20-21-22 transition it was first added, or what patch it might
be, I can't say.

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