[Bug 1282] Remove rotate display option

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Thu Mar 20 16:24:45 CET 2008


------- Additional Comments From danielmewes at onlinehome.de  2008-03-20 16:24 -------
This sounds quite weird to me. You could as well say "receiving delivery status
using openmoko-messages does not work, so lets remove openmoko-messages
completely until thats fixed".
Apart from landscape mode working actually very well on GTA01 (IMO at least), I
also think that the other options of the AUX menu (Screenshot and toggle
Fullscreen) are quite useful too.
So I would agree with Andy, that only the broken option should only be removed
for the hardware which it is broken on.

Perhaps there should be some "Rotating screen support" config flag to
disable/enable the appropriate option on different devices? This could also be
specified as a command line argument to neod, where the right flag could be
obtained by some switch structure in matchbox's session file, similar to the one
in /etc/default/gsmd, that specifies GSMD command line arguments depending on
the actual hardware OpenMoko is runing on.

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