[Bug 1277] no data from 2nd accellerometer

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Thu Mar 20 18:29:21 CET 2008


------- Additional Comments From andy at openmoko.com  2008-03-20 18:29 -------
So far I wasn't able to reproduce this running

cat /dev/input/event<2,3> > /dev/null

in two ssh shells and watching /proc/interrupts, even up past 500K interrupts.  
Hexdumping them at the same time didn't disrupt the steady increase in 
interrupt counts on both either.

This is running with init=/bin/sh so neod does not run.

I looked at neod sources and the opening of the event things doesn't look 
insane, and I confirmed before it does hold them open.

Can you confirm that if you stop neod and do the same say

cat /dev/input/event2 > /dev/null &

that you still see problems via /proc/interrupts?  Or does it seem to need 
neod to make the symptom?

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