[Bug 1289] PSC (power saving commands in muxer mode) seems to be broken

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------- Additional Comments From zecke at selfish.org  2008-03-21 22:23 -------
Two things. Not waking up is bad, this is why Trolltech disabled the multiplexer
on their image (according to the comment in the code).

Regarding PSC and the Sleep Service I have some issue understanding the spec. 

"The request primitive is used to advice the receiving device that the
transmitter wishes to enter a low
power state. The TS 0710 layer of the receiving unit sends an indication
primitive to the upper layer in order to inform
that the transmitting unit has entered the power saving state."

Who is the receiving device? From pure logic, the modem should be the receiving
device. There would be no sense if the modem is requesting us to sleep. The
sleep handling should be transparent to us. From what I remember and assume it
is right that you don't see the modem asking to go to a power saving state. It
is definately wrong that it is not answering when you are talking.

I do not know if you implement hardware flow control, but it would be
interesting to see what the modem is doing in regard to hardware flow control. I
have no idea if we have hardware flow control, I hope we do.

So IMO the only bug is that the AT engine is not waking up and giving a response.

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