[Bug 1289] PSC (power saving commands in muxer mode) seems to be broken

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Sat Mar 22 12:04:37 CET 2008


------- Additional Comments From mdt at emdete.de  2008-03-22 12:04 -------
i agree that the spec to me sounds very unspecific. but as i understand it the
PSC request are send from either side to indicate a start of power save. the
other side may then send queued buffers, inform other programs whatever. also
that side sets a flag to indicate that the other side is in power-save mode.

and if one side knows that the other side is in power save mode it has to send
these wake-up flags until the other side wakes up. 

if the side in power-save mode wakes up by itself it sends a request to tell the
other side that it woke up. that side than may clear the flag mentioned above.

while this is all assumption and (for me, a non-native english interpreter of
the spec) not very clear i would assume i would see any PSC from the modem some

so if there are no PSC requests at all and we assume that the modem is always in
a kind of power-saving (as if the flag mentioned above would be set all the
time) i have to send wakeups for each package. that's the current state of my
muxer. also ignoring that the modem does not answer as the spec describes would
be ignorable as long as it would always work.

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