[Bug 1220] ipkg kernel/module upgrade regression

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Tue Mar 25 18:08:39 CET 2008


------- Additional Comments From cwixon at usa.net  2008-03-25 18:08 -------
Well, I ended up reflashing to fresh kernel/rootfs images that used 2.6.24, and
a subsequent kernel upgrade (to 2.6.24+svnr4194-r4165-r4) performed as expected.

I hadn't reflashed in a couple of months before that, so it's possible that this
bug resulted from either

   * some problem going from to 2.6.24; or

   * cruft that had built up on my machine in the intervening time and over the
course of many ipkg upgrades

I don't really know enough about this to mark it as FIXED at this point, so I'll
leave it to those who know better . . .

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