[Bug 1289] PSC (power saving commands in muxer mode) seems to be broken

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------- Additional Comments From mdt at emdete.de  2008-03-28 09:14 -------
you did not quote the most important part:

Either station may initiate a wake-up from the reduced power state by
the transmission of the wake-up signal which consists of continuous
flag characters. When the other station receives the flag characters
it will wake-up (if necessary) and start sending flag characters. When
the first station receives these flag characters it will stop sending
flags and start transmitting the first frame. When the second station
detects a valid frame it stops sending flags. The stations unfreeze
their timers and continue operation as before.

i can easily ignore that there are not 'i want to sleep' event and send 
the wakeup flag as described above. but can i be shure that the modem 
actually woke up when i don't get a response as the spec describes?

and if the modem really drops one byte in the uart when sleeping i would 
not care as long as it is one of those flag-chars i send. but some 
negotiation that the modem really woke up is required i think.

btw: the timeout T3 for this procedure is 10sec which is a long time 
when i.e. transmitting ppp packages...

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