[Bug 1263] hald memory leak

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Mon May 5 21:39:01 CEST 2008


------- Additional Comments From reddog at mastersword.de  2008-05-05 21:39 -------
Also not a complete standard install, and maybe some days old:

dropbear invoked oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x1201d2, order=0, oomkilladj=0
[<c002dbec>] (dump_stack+0x0/0x14) from [<c0073d78>] (oom_kill_process+0x58/0xec)
[<c0073d20>] (oom_kill_process+0x0/0xec) from [<c00742b4>]
 r7:000001c5 r6:c7d120c0 r5:c0363038 r4:c680d3e0
[<c00740fc>] (out_of_memory+0x0/0x218) from [<c00766ac>] (__alloc_pages+0x26c/0x2f0)
[<c0076440>] (__alloc_pages+0x0/0x2f0) from [<c00789c0>]
[<c00788ac>] (__do_page_cache_readahead+0x0/0x268) from [<c0078ff8>]
[<c0078f88>] (do_page_cache_readahead+0x0/0x80) from [<c0073128>]
 r7:c767dac0 r6:c69a4000 r5:00000000 r4:00000000
[<c0072f54>] (filemap_fault+0x0/0x454) from [<c007eafc>] (__do_fault+0x74/0x42c)
[<c007ea88>] (__do_fault+0x0/0x42c) from [<c007fcb0>] (handle_mm_fault+0x304/0x728)
[<c007f9ac>] (handle_mm_fault+0x0/0x728) from [<c00300b4>]
[<c002ffb4>] (do_page_fault+0x0/0x23c) from [<c00302a4>]
[<c0030284>] (do_translation_fault+0x0/0x80) from [<c00281ec>]
 r5:be88a9b8 r4:ffffffff
[<c00281d4>] (do_PrefetchAbort+0x0/0x1c) from [<c0028ec0>]
Exception stack(0xc69a5fb0 to 0xc69a5ff8)
5fa0:                                     00000000 be88a92c be88a8ac 00000000
5fc0: be88a9ac be88a9b8 00000000 be88a92c be88a8ac 00000001 00000004 00000001
5fe0: be88a92c be88a8a0 00010434 00010434 00000010 ffffffff
DMA per-cpu:
CPU    0: Hot: hi:   42, btch:   7 usd:  38   Cold: hi:   14, btch:   3 usd:  13
Active:28622 inactive:148 dirty:0 writeback:0 unstable:0
 free:404 slab:1086 mapped:0 pagetables:151 bounce:0
DMA free:1616kB min:1440kB low:1800kB high:2160kB active:114488kB inactive:592kB
present:130048kB pages_scanned:211264 all_unreclaimable? yes
lowmem_reserve[]: 0 0 0
DMA: 30*4kB 7*8kB 2*16kB 0*32kB 0*64kB 1*128kB 1*256kB 0*512kB 1*1024kB 0*2048kB
0*4096kB = 1616kB
Swap cache: add 0, delete 0, find 0/0, race 0+0
Free swap  = 0kB
Total swap = 0kB
Free swap:            0kB
32768 pages of RAM
585 free pages
1631 reserved pages
1086 slab pages
123 pages shared
0 pages swap cached
Out of memory: kill process 1093 (hald) score 453 or a child
Killed process 1094 (hald-runner)

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