[Bug 1380] GSM modem sleeps on virtual channels in MUX

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Sat May 10 01:24:19 CEST 2008


------- Additional Comments From mdt at emdete.de  2008-05-10 01:24 -------
after heavy testing i have another behavior:

after around 6 days with gsm on (most of the time even using gprs also) the
modem stopped responding to commands on all channels. \r\n didn't wake it up.
stopping the pygsmd and using the first channel did not help. still no responses
at all.

after restarting the muxer (which issues the echo 0 > /sys...) the behavior was
different: most of the commands (but not all, pure device commands like requests
vor vendor, product, version and serial succeeded) gave the good old error "+CME
ERROR: failed to abort" (or similar, not shure, the log is lost). after a
restart of the pygsmd the error did not occure again.

i'm not shure if this observation is related to pm/psc.

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