Openmoko Bug #1845: PIN-dialog show up too slow

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Sun Oct 5 17:55:31 CEST 2008

#1845: PIN-dialog show up too slow
    Reporter:  wendy_hung  |        Owner:  zecke    
        Type:  defect      |       Status:  new      
    Priority:  high        |    Milestone:  Om2008.10
   Component:  Qtopia      |      Version:           
    Severity:  critical    |   Resolution:           
    Keywords:              |    Blockedby:  69, 1722 
Reproducible:  always      |     Blocking:           
Changes (by zecke):

  * blockedby:  => 69, 1722


 @stiell: The gsmd was started way earlier, qpe gets started after X11 gets
 launched, so Qtopia, E and other processes all try to access our slow
 flash at once.

 What is the relation with #1722. Basicly there is little to fix in this
 bug. The root is the way we initialize the system, our slow flash. So when
 #1722 and #69 are solved this should be much faster as well... Trying to
 change the Qtopia code would not change much, the fix is somewhere else
 (this does not say that we are not able to speed it up by a second or two
 but compared to 3 minute boot time...)

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