Openmoko Bug #2038: Qtopia USSD requests support

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Thu Oct 9 02:03:02 CEST 2008

#2038: Qtopia USSD requests support
    Reporter:  Treviño      |        Owner:  tick        
        Type:  enhancement  |       Status:  assigned    
    Priority:  normal       |    Milestone:              
   Component:  Qtopia       |      Version:  Om2008.9-dev
    Severity:  normal       |   Resolution:              
    Keywords:  HasPatch     |    Blockedby:              
Reproducible:  always       |     Blocking:              

Comment(by Treviño):

 I've seen the git commit 91d64283e87eb3223bfcdd16d68a7a20b765fd7c that
 with the others recently added should add support for USSD, btw there are
 things that I don't understand (also if I've not tested these changes in
 my hardware yet):

 - Why the CUSD command is used (in order of the ATD one) only in the
 calypso modem? I know that we're using only that in Om, but all the GSM
 modems use the CUSD command to ask USSD requests...
 - Why in dialServiceCommand() you encode the string number using the
 current codec but you don't update the relative data coding scheme (dcs)?
 I mean, actually in any case is sent something like AT+CUSD=1,"<coded-
 dialed-string>",15 while the "15" value should change according to the GSM
 03.38, isn't it? 15 stands for 1111 and so for "Language unspecified"
 according to that reference.
 An I wrong?

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