Openmoko Bug #2071: Booting failed, stop at wifi driver

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Thu Oct 16 17:12:49 CEST 2008

#2071: Booting failed, stop at wifi driver
    Reporter:  tick             |        Owner:  openmoko-kernel
        Type:  defect           |       Status:  new            
    Priority:  highest          |    Milestone:                 
   Component:  System Software  |      Version:                 
    Severity:  blocker          |   Resolution:                 
    Keywords:                   |    Blockedby:                 
Reproducible:                   |     Blocking:                 

Comment(by werner):

 BTW, I got the strace as follows:

 cd /etc/init.d
 mv rcS rcS.real
 cat >rcS <<EOF
 exec /usr/bin/strace -o /ttySAC2 -f /bin/sh -c /etc/init.d/rcS.real "$@"
 chmod 755 rcS
 mknod /ttySAC2 c 204 66

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