Openmoko Bug #1734: [settings] wifi show up "unknown"

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Tue Oct 21 14:49:37 CEST 2008

#1734: [settings] wifi show up "unknown"
    Reporter:  wendy_hung  |        Owner:  marek   
        Type:  defect      |       Status:  closed  
    Priority:  high        |    Milestone:  Om2008.9
   Component:  Distro      |      Version:          
    Severity:  major       |   Resolution:  fixed   
    Keywords:              |    Blockedby:          
Reproducible:              |     Blocking:          

Comment(by chenna):

 I have flashed the device with Om2008.8.uImage.bin  &
 Om2008.8.rootfs.jffs2    available at

 I could not find the file /etc/volatives.cache but I could find
 /etc/volatile.cache and deleted this file and rebooted. But still I see
 wIFI unknown.

 I could not locate openmoko-openmoko-qtopia-x11-image-glibc-ipk--20080806

 Please share the working image for WIFI, USB networking and Blue tooth.

 Replying to [comment:4 mattt]:
 > Just in the interest of completeness, I reflashed the old rootfs...
 > openmoko-openmoko-qtopia-x11-image-glibc-ipk--20080806-om-
 > still using the 20080808 kernel.
 > wifi works
 > usb works
 > carrier is detected.
 > So I don't think it's the kernel.
 > And it isn't he hardware.

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