Openmoko Bug #2085: Combining SIM telephone numers in single contact and improved import and export

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#2085: Combining SIM telephone numers in single contact and improved import and
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 The key of a telephone number on a SIM is maximum 16 characters and has
 only one value, which is a telephone number. Sony Ericsson and other phone
 manufactures use the following naming convention for storing different
 telephone numbers for a single contact.

 The key is in this format:
 When this string is longer than 16 characters, firstly the LastName will
 trunkated, secondly then the FirstName will be truncated. The colon will
 alwyas be there, even if the LastName is truncated all together. The
 numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 indicate the type of telephone number, being:
 1 mobile
 2 home
 3 work
 4 other

 In order to correctly work with this naming scheme the following use cases
 are identified:

 1) listing SIM contacts

 SIM contacts of which its telephone number is not in any contacts in
 address book, should be listed as a SIM contact with a different icon as a
 address book contact

 2) importing new SIM contacts to address book contacts

 This should be asked at start up of the telephone. Only SIM contacts of
 which the telephone number is not in any of the address book contacts
 should be taken into consideration.

 Both a batch mode and an interactive mode should be presented. In the
 interactive mode it is possible to:
 - skip a SIM contact
 - delete a SIM contact
 - import a SIM contact
 Note that the import will combine telephone numbers according to the above
 naming convention. All different numbers should be shown for a combined
 SIM contact when the user chooses one of the three options as stated

 This would be useful when you use your telephone for the first time with a
 SIM that has contacts. To be able to decline the request made at start up
 is convenient when, on a one time occasion, someone else's SIM is being
 used in your telephone. A default warning should be shown that importing
 contacts is not desired in the latter situation since the telephone is not
 really associated with this SIM on a long term bases.

 3) exporting address book contacts to SIM contacts

 This should overwrite all the contacts on the SIM, as in delete all the
 contacts and only write address book contacts to the SIM. Here the naming
 convention mentioned above should be used. Before the export is being
 made, a check should be made if all the contacts will fit on the SIM. If
 this is not the case, the maximum number of telephone numbers that will
 fit on this SIM should be listed, as well as the number of telephone
 numbers in the address book contacts. Now the user can cancel this
 operation to perhaps do some cleaning up in the address book to be sure
 that all will be copied to the SIM.

 Perhaps the address book should have an indicator saying how much telephon
 numbers can be added to avoid overflow of the SIM. E.g. 100/250 with 100
 in green, being the number of telephone numbers and 250 being the maximum
 a SIM can hold. And e.g. 260/250 with 260 in red, indicating that there
 are more numbers in the address book than the SIM can store.

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