Openmoko Bug #143: test NAND write/read support in OpenOCD

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Fri Oct 31 03:09:41 CET 2008

#143: test NAND write/read support in OpenOCD
    Reporter:  laforge at  |        Owner:  laforge         
        Type:  enhancement           |       Status:  new             
    Priority:  highest               |    Milestone:                  
   Component:  Host Software         |      Version:  current svn head
    Severity:  minor                 |   Resolution:                  
    Keywords:                        |     Haspatch:  0               
   Blockedby:                        |    Estimated:                  
 Patchreview:                        |     Blocking:                  
Reproducible:                        |  

Comment(by andy):

 Why did we make this "highest" priority if it is "definitely not as
 important these days"... it really isn't important for us at all any more
 AFAIK, on any GTAxx.  On GTA01 and 02 we use a scheme to push the
 bootloader into steppingstone the SDRAM both by JTAG for board bringup
 followed by DFU, for GTA03 we use direct SD Card Boot which is already
 working here on SMDK.  So I would like to close this as WONTFIX.

 Ben Dooks mentioned he has ARM1176 macrocell support (rather than SoC
 level s3c6410) up in openocd already.

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