Openmoko Bug #2264: Heavy GPRS traffic causes a Calypso crash

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Wed Apr 8 20:40:18 CEST 2009

#2264: Heavy GPRS traffic causes a Calypso crash
    Reporter:  budfive      |        Type:  defect   
      Status:  new          |    Priority:  normal   
   Milestone:               |   Component:  GSM Modem
     Version:  unspecified  |    Severity:  normal   
    Keywords:               |    Haspatch:  0        
   Blockedby:               |   Estimated:           
 Patchreview:               |    Blocking:           
Reproducible:               |  

Comment(by alphaone):

 This could be an issue with the muxer. Could you check which version of
 gsm0710muxd you have?

 See also;a=commit;h=2edaa892361dab3001e9f2485bdd478298abbed3
 for the fix

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