Openmoko Bug #2264: Heavy GPRS traffic causes a Calypso crash

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Wed Apr 15 08:29:29 CEST 2009

#2264: Heavy GPRS traffic causes a Calypso crash
    Reporter:  budfive      |        Type:  defect   
      Status:  new          |    Priority:  normal   
   Milestone:               |   Component:  GSM Modem
     Version:  unspecified  |    Severity:  normal   
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Comment(by budfive):

 I just found a much faster and more consistent method of triggering this
 bug. I installed tinyproxy onto the GTA02
 (, and used it
 as a GPRS web proxy for my laptop, over usb0. Tinyproxy needs to be
 configured by adding "Allow" to
 /etc/tinyproxy/tinyproxy.conf. If I start the proxy, and access from my laptop (Opera browser, Javascript on,
 images on, plugins off) via the proxy, the calypso crashes before the page
 finishes loading. I've tried this about 8 times and it crashed 7 of the 8.
 The one time it didn't crash, I reloaded the page and it crashed that
 time. Each time, the log from the headphone jack showed a crash very
 similar to the log that is attached to this bug.

 I compared this to bug 2257 (,
 and the symptoms are identical, except that lindi's "good" kernel does not
 fix this calypso crashing for me. I'm starting to seriously suspect that
 this and 2257 are the same problem.

 I also tried mwester's nspy, as described in a comment for 2257. I'm
 attaching a pair of logs, one from nspy, and the other from the headphone
 jack, collected together during a load of the latimes website. This was a
 case where it didn't crash the first time, but did crash on reload.

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