Openmoko Bug #2180: stable-tracking: 'rxserr' UART messages

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Thu Jan 29 12:29:08 CET 2009

#2180: stable-tracking: 'rxserr' UART messages
 Reporter:  laforge          |          Owner:  openmoko-kernel         
     Type:  defect           |         Status:  new                     
 Priority:  high             |      Milestone:  FSO                     
Component:  System Software  |        Version:                          
 Severity:  major            |       Keywords:  gps s3x24xx_serial rxerr
 Haspatch:  0                |      Blockedby:                          
Estimated:                   |    Patchreview:                          
 Blocking:                   |   Reproducible:                          

Comment(by werner):

 Here's a patch for measuring the time during which interrupts are
 globally disabled:

 Another source of interrupt latency can be the time during which a
 specific interrupt is disabled. The execution time of an interrupt
 also (indirectly) shows up in this, but it's better to measure it

 - Werner

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