Openmoko Bug #2297: Cannot disable screen saver

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Mon Jul 6 00:36:43 CEST 2009

#2297: Cannot disable screen saver
 Reporter:  niccolo  |          Owner:  Nytowl      
     Type:  defect   |         Status:  new         
 Priority:  normal   |      Milestone:  Om2009      
Component:  Distro   |        Version:              
 Severity:  normal   |       Keywords:  screen saver
 Haspatch:  0        |      Blockedby:              
Estimated:           |    Patchreview:              
 Blocking:           |   Reproducible:              
 I installed Om2009 testing5; I had to disinstall it because I found it
 unusable. Here a bug report:

 The phone always starts the screen saver. Paroli phone setting "-1" does
 not work. Also the "xset s reset; xset s off" which I used on Om2008.12
 does not work.

 This will make the phone unusable as a GPS navigator.

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