Openmoko Bug #2261: "AT+COPS?" mnc differs from "AT%EM=2,4" mnc

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Thu Mar 26 12:28:40 CET 2009

#2261: "AT+COPS?" mnc differs from "AT%EM=2,4" mnc
 Reporter:  Seppi                                       |           Type:  defect   
   Status:  new                                         |       Priority:  normal   
Milestone:  FSO                                         |      Component:  GSM Modem
  Version:  unspecified                                 |       Severity:  normal   
 Keywords:  provider mcc mnc at+cops? at%em=2,4 differ  |       Haspatch:  0        
Blockedby:                                              |      Estimated:           
 Blocking:                                              |   Reproducible:  sometimes
 When I looked through the CellHunter database I recognized some strange

 CellHunter saves the provider from "AT+COPS?" and saves mcc and mnc from
 "AT%EM=2,4", too. In the database I found records with e.g. provider 26203
 (germany eplus) but mnc 1 (german d1).

 As far as I know this data should always be the same. So it would be nice
 if anyone could look after this.

 For more data please conact me.

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