Openmoko Bug #2315: Setting "Capture Right Mixer" might disable valid audio path

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Fri Oct 30 15:33:12 CET 2009

#2315: Setting "Capture Right Mixer" might disable valid audio path
 Reporter:  PaulFertser  |          Owner:  Nytowl     
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 Jan Lübbe writes about his experience with using BT headsets for gsm
 I setup a call using FSO/zhone, which switches to gsmhandset.state. Then
 i loaded GSMBLUETOOTH, and setup the headset using bluez.
 Now the transmit path worked fine, but i couldn't hear anything in the

 The problem here seems to he the "Capture Left Mixer" control is set to
 "Analogue Mix Left". When i now switch this to something different
 ("Analogue Mix Right") and back, the receive path starts working. Paul and
 Jörg suggested it might have something to do with DAPM. Also i noticed
 that changeing "Capture Right Mix" changes "Capture Left Mix" in paralell,
 but doesn't fix the audio path im my case.

 amixer sset "Capture Left Mixer" "Analogue Mix Right"
 amixer sset "Capture Left Mixer" "Analogue Mix Left"

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