Openmoko Bug #2279: toggling backlight very fast blocks reads of /proc/apm

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Mon Sep 14 08:15:21 CEST 2009

#2279: toggling backlight very fast blocks reads of /proc/apm
 Reporter:  lindi            |          Owner:  openmoko-kernel     
     Type:  defect           |         Status:  new                 
 Priority:  normal           |      Milestone:                      
Component:  System Software  |        Version:  unspecified         
 Severity:  minor            |       Keywords:  kernel backlight DoS
 Haspatch:  0                |      Blockedby:                      
Estimated:                   |    Patchreview:                      
 Blocking:                   |   Reproducible:  always              

Comment(by lindi):

 Well, my window manager (icewm) supports /proc/apm and I got very upset
 when I suddenly noticed that it got stuck when I started the blinking
 program :-)

 Anyways, I tried reading other files in /proc and noticed that also
 reading from /proc/driver/rtc seems to block forever. This probably
 suggests that the problem is not APM related?

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