Holger's qtopia repo: Changes to 'master'

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Wed Jul 23 14:05:26 CEST 2008

 src/libraries/qtopia/qsoftmenubar.cpp              |   18 +++++++++---------
 .../inputmethods/predictivekeyboard/keyboard.cpp   |    1 +
 2 files changed, 10 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

New commits:
commit 0f4816a1bdb38da87cb42b6f4b8b1e48b959798f
Author: Holger Freyther <zecke at selfish.org>
Date:   Wed Jul 23 13:59:31 2008 +0200

    [option menu] Use QMenu::popup to reposition a visible popupmenu...
        We continue to have issues with the popup being shown at the wrong
        position (#1551, #1636 and a couple more).
        This commit might help in the wild. I assume that due the setVisible
        of some QAction's in the menu we would need to handle resize but we
        should show/popup with the right size at the right position anyway..
        This was likely introduced due the delaying of sending certain events
        to only layout once on start etc...

commit b3e4f620379af85e9df7be7aeab89808324daa33
Author: Holger Freyther <zecke at selfish.org>
Date:   Wed Jul 23 13:24:46 2008 +0200

    [predictivekeyboard] Hide the OptionsWindow when the keyboard gets moved out of screen
        Illume does not hide the keyboard but moves the window out of screen. Do not
        position the OptionsWindow at the bottom of the screen but hide it when the
        keyboard gets placed out of screen.

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