r5542 - trunk/eda/fped

werner at docs.openmoko.org werner at docs.openmoko.org
Wed Aug 26 16:06:26 CEST 2009

Author: werner
Date: 2009-08-26 16:06:26 +0200 (Wed, 26 Aug 2009)
New Revision: 5542

- destroy_obj: when deleting width expressions, check that they're actually 
- gui.html: added more details on selecting

Modified: trunk/eda/fped/delete.c
--- trunk/eda/fped/delete.c	2009-08-26 09:22:07 UTC (rev 5541)
+++ trunk/eda/fped/delete.c	2009-08-26 14:06:26 UTC (rev 5542)
@@ -211,13 +211,16 @@
 	case ot_line:
-		free_expr(obj->u.line.width);
+		if (obj->u.line.width)
+			free_expr(obj->u.line.width);
 	case ot_rect:
-		free_expr(obj->u.rect.width);
+		if (obj->u.rect.width)
+			free_expr(obj->u.rect.width);
 	case ot_arc:
-		free_expr(obj->u.arc.width);
+		if (obj->u.arc.width)
+			free_expr(obj->u.arc.width);
 	case ot_meas:
 		if (obj->u.meas.label)

Modified: trunk/eda/fped/gui.html
--- trunk/eda/fped/gui.html	2009-08-26 09:22:07 UTC (rev 5541)
+++ trunk/eda/fped/gui.html	2009-08-26 14:06:26 UTC (rev 5542)
@@ -143,6 +143,22 @@
   <DD> The pointer. This is the default tool. The pointer is used to
     select items and do move points of the selected item.
+    Clicking on an item selects it. If items overlap, the one with the
+    highest priority is selected. The priority is based on how difficult
+    it usually is to select an item, with frame references having a low
+    priority, pads, circles, arcs, rectangles, measurements, and lines
+    having increasingly higher priorities. There are a few special cases:
+    <UL>
+      <LI> The circle at the end of a vector has the highest priority
+	while its line has the lowest priority.
+      <LI> To select a frame reference, click on the L-shaped upper left
+        corner.
+      <LI> To select a measurement, click on the line with the text, not
+	the (hypothetical) line connecting the points being measured.
+    </UL>
+    If multiple items are under the mouse pointer, repeatedly clicking
+    iterates through them.
+    <P>
     To move points, select the item, then move the mouse pointer over
     the point to move. A red circle will appear under the mouse pointer.
     Then drag the point to its new location and release the mouse button.

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