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Date: 2009-07-22 21:41:08 +0200 (Wed, 22 Jul 2009)
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First draft version of a short description of the principles and benefits
of Open Source Hardware, and the requirements it has on component vendors.

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+% Audience: component vendors
+% Objectives:
+% - accurately present our needs
+% - understandable (to corporate)
+% - convincing
+% Off-topic:
+% - software requirements
+% - firmware updates
+\title{Open Source Hardware --- Disclosure Requisites}
+\author{Werner Almesberger \\ \url{werner at openmoko.org}}
+\date{July 22, 2009}
+Open Source Software has proven that an open design process and liberal
+licensing contribute towards enhancing the quality, utility, and overall
+success of software products, and encourage convergence and cooperation
+among projects.
+Open Source Hardware is an approach that aims to enhance quality and
+value of hardware products by applying an open design process, by applying
+best practices of Open Source Software development.
+This document outlines the characteristics and benefits of Open Source
+Hardware and explains the requisites resulting from this on technical
+documentation provided by component vendors.
+Open Source Hardware design is guided by the following principles:
+  \item Expose the entire design process to public review.
+  \item Invite contributions from anyone willing and able, irrespective
+    of affiliation.
+  \item Distribute the resulting design under an Open license,
+    permitting use and further modification free from royalties.
+Examples of Open licenses include the General Public License (GPL)%
+\footnote{\url{http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html}} and the Creative
+Commons Attribution -- Share Alike license (CC-BY-SA)%
+Fully disclosing the design and the decision process leading to it
+brings the following benefits to development and use of the product:
+  \item Enables prospective buyers and developers to participate in
+    ensuring high quality of the product through reviews. This also
+    helps to accelerate the produce development process.
+  \item Permits prospective buyers and VARs to conduct a thorough and
+    honest evaluation of the product design, improving their ability
+    to correctly project the product's use and increasing their
+    confidence in choosing the product.
+  \item Lowers the barrier for developers and integrators to add value,
+    either already during the design phase or on top of the finished product.
+  \item Protects the investment of buyers, developers, and integrators
+    by enabling them to make corrections, enhancements, and even
+    derivative products without depending on the availability of the
+    original designers and manufacturer.
+  \item Creates the opportunity for other projects to reuse
+    part or all of the design with a minimum of overhead, and to grow
+    synergies by reciprocating.
+\section{Documentation requisites}
+The open hardware development process requires the use of components
+for which the vendor makes technical product documentation available
+under terms that allow public use of the information gathered from it.
+The most common forms of such terms are:
+  \item[Permissive NDA]~\\
+    Material is provided by the vendor under an NDA tailored to this
+    purpose. The NDA allows open
+    discussion of the design and distribution of the resulting work
+    (schematics, layout, system software) under an Open license.
+  \item[Public access]~\\
+    The vendor publishes data sheets and related material to the public,
+    e.g., on its Web site. Access to this information for Open Source
+    Hardware is then no different from any other use.
+  \item[Redistribution rights]~\\
+    The vendor also grants redistribution rights, allowing projects to
+    ensure that documents remain available even when the vendor no
+    longer supports the product.
+Public access is preferable over a permissive NDA since it limits the
+effort that has to be made on both sides before evaluation can begin,
+reduces the risk of misunderstandings, and avoids overhead in the design

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