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On 11/28/06, Sean Moss-Pultz <sean_mosko at> wrote:
> On 11/28/06 4:34 AM, "Steve Salazar" <eagsalazar at> wrote:
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> > 2. MicroSD:  Why?  Is the area used by full SD that much larger?   To me
> > this seems like a huge tradeoff because for full size SD there are so
> many
> > amazing cards available, not just storage and they are fully compatible
> with
> > the form factor of many other devices without requiring an adapter.  I
> won't
> > be able to put a wifi adaptor in my openmoko phone just to save a couple
> mm
> > of card space?  I don't know if it is that simple, that is why I am
> asking.
> It's really not that simple. We're using a SD/SIM combo card to save
> space.
> It as design decision make very early on in our development cycle.
> Largely,
> based on the idea that we thought mini-SD was going to be a bump in the
> road
> to micro-SD. At this point the vendors making micro-SD cards are not
> pushing
> the size limits as fast as we had predicted. So for our second generation
> device, we will review this again.
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So does this mean that a standard SIM card won't work? Is it one of those
things where you have to cut up your sim card (wonder what do I tell
cingular when I bring THAT in)? or are we just talking about some kind of
combo system on the bus?
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