Light sensor

Rod Whitby rod at
Fri Dec 1 00:56:48 CET 2006

Alexander Steinert wrote:
> <Ivan Lucas, Thu 2006-11-30 23:34 CET>
>> Talking about using the Microphone as a sensor reminded me of an idea I had 
>> some time ago, I'm regularly in noisy places such as crowded railway stations 
>> or bars.  Wouldn't it be good if the neo1973 could check the ambient noise 
>> level before it started to ring, adjusting the ring tone volume to be heard 
>> over the background noise.  i.e. ring nice and quietly (or on vibrate) when 
>> I'm in a library, or ring at full volume when I'm in a noisy bar.
> I like this idea very much! Simple but really helpful, like light sensor
> --> backlight.

See for a great example of how this works on the Treo 650 via a
third party utility which measures brightness through the camera, and sound levels through the

This utility does everything mentioned in this thread so far I think.

-- Rod

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