External VGA output: What resources would this require? What applications does this enable?

michael at michaelshiloh.com michael at michaelshiloh.com
Fri Dec 1 01:03:01 CET 2006

I've always thought it would be useful to be able to plug a head mounted
display into my PDA. If nothing else, this would allow me to use smaller fonts
and still be able to read them.

Most head mounted displays take standard VGA input, and all PDAs (and smart
phones) use LCDs which of course are digital and thus completely different
from the analog raster/scan interface of VGA.

But I wonder: If the smart phone has a USB 2.0 host port (I know v1 is only
USB 1.0), then one could connect a USB video adapter, and then plug the the
head mounted display into that.

If we had such an ability, what cool applications and use cases would this
enable, that might justify it?

Interesting? Useful? Silly? Practical?


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