Light sensor

Alexander Steinert sputnik at
Fri Dec 1 01:19:09 CET 2006

<Rod Whitby, Fri 2006-12-01 00:56 CET>
> See for a great example of how this
> works on the Treo 650 via a third party utility which measures
> brightness through the camera, and sound levels through the
> microphone.
> This utility does everything mentioned in this thread so far I think.

Hm, maybe the ambient noise around the phone is not enough info for the
ring volume. I could be in another room. If I had an AGPS-Mic-WiFi
implant, the neo could measure my distance and ambient noise and adjust
its ring volume accordingly. An alternative would be the an
AGPS-WiFi-Vibra implant.

Stony ;-)

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