External VGA output: What resources would this require? What applications does this enable?

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On 11/30/06, michael at michaelshiloh.com <michael at michaelshiloh.com> wrote:
> I've always thought it would be useful to be able to plug a head mounted
> display into my PDA. If nothing else, this would allow me to use smaller
> fonts
> and still be able to read them.
> Most head mounted displays take standard VGA input, and all PDAs (and
> smart
> phones) use LCDs which of course are digital and thus completely different
> from the analog raster/scan interface of VGA.
> But I wonder: If the smart phone has a USB 2.0 host port (I know v1 is
> only
> USB 1.0), then one could connect a USB video adapter, and then plug the
> the
> head mounted display into that.
> If we had such an ability, what cool applications and use cases would this
> enable, that might justify it?
> Interesting? Useful? Silly? Practical?
> Michael
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It wouldn't help for HMD's, but the possibility of exporting application
displays out over USB networking (uhg) or something faster is intriguing as
well, you could have a full size keyboard and monitor for your app, without
worrying about any connections other than network.  I know this
functionality is built into X, but I've only used it for GUIs from a big bad
solaris box... don't know about from an embedded guy

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