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Fri Dec 1 01:36:35 CET 2006

On 11/30/06, Tim Newsom <cephdon at> wrote:
> > the problem with doing it this way, is you'd need some way to notify
> > each application of all the sensors available at runtime, or you
> > re-compile each availability sensitive app for every combination of
> > sensors (having that many versions of software is sure to turn off
> > Sean's dad) there's definately more to think about on this one
> Are you thinking of not only notifying each application on the number of
> sensors.. (That would be easy enough in the api) but also to let them
> have access to the setup/configure api for each one?
> Enumerating over each sensor that is active would be fairly easy using
> the plugin mechanism previously described...  If every plugin had the
> same output ranges... Say 0 to 255 or whatever and using the probability
> scenario he talked about the application would only need to know one
> interface, I.e. Availability.   As I understand the proposal, and I
> might be wrong, it would end up a heirarchy.  Lower level plugins could
> be accessed at any level but the common usage would be to build
> behaviors going up from the sensors and applications would interface
> with that... Is that right?
> With that in mind, each plugin would register with some service which
> handles the interface to applications.  Each behavior created would do
> the same and gain access to the sensors available.  Then a control panel
> could be created to enable/disable some but not all plugins at the will
> of the user, though that would modify the behaviors, they would then act
> on the information currently available.
> Seems like a fairly interesting concept.  Do I understand the concepts
> or am I missing something?
> --Tim
yeah, I'm still trying to understand Richard's concept.  It sounds really
efficient, therefore cool, but I'm missing stuff

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