Bluetooth, WiFi, Australian Market

Ben shadroth at
Fri Dec 1 01:39:17 CET 2006

On 11/30/06, Joel Newkirk <moko at> wrote:
> Ben wrote:
> > I'm not sure what it's like in the rest of the world, but in Australia
> > the price of mobile data (ie. GPRS/3G/etc.) is incredibly high.
> > Relying on GPRS or quad band based methods of data access and
> > synchronisation would push the phone into the too expensive category
> > for many.
> I'm in the eastern US, with T-Mobile.  I get unlimited GPRS/EDGE data as
> a $20/mo add-on.  That's an unusual plan though - T-Mo don't offer it
> anymore. (Internet3-VPN plan, FWIW)  Speeds in the US have increased the
> past few years, but so have average prices.

Damn! That's a nice price

Vodafone's pricing for 3G/GPRS (in rough USD equivalent):
5MB $16
100MB $24
300MB $40
1GB $80

Telstra's GPRS pricing (in rough USD equivalent):
2MB $20
5MB $44
10MB $68

Optus's doesn't seem to have GPRS pricing (they have a GSM/3G/WiFi
plan that is only for PCMCIA laptop cards). Vodafone, Optus and Three
are all pushing 3G, while Telsta is pushing NextG which is not worth
worrying about.

> I too would be a sure sell with wifi and bluetooth, interested but
> uncertain without.  (with those two, it would replace both my zaurus and
> my cell)  I'd really like to see EDGE support too, but the 33k average I
> get via GPRS is still quite useful.

EDGE hasn't really taken off in Australia, but 3G support would be
handy as it would give more options for carrier. WiMax is supposedly
going to be coming here at some stage, but no real sign of it yet.

> Currently wifi VOIP handsets range in price from $200 to $600 USD.  Food
> for thought - that's solely a wifi phone.  The ability to seamlessly and
> automatically switch among various carrier options like
> VOIP-over-wifi/VOIP-over-GPRS/GSM would be quite a selling point IMHO.

That would be a carrier dependent option, and one that would not be
smiled upon by most carriers as it would cut their revenue...
although, Optus' mobile internet option roams between WiFi, 3G and
GSM, however, it is priced at rate per MB comparable to other 3G

I'm happy to work out what the call goes through, I'd just like to
have the option to put it through something other than GSM.


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