Bluetooth, WiFi, Australian Market

Joel Newkirk moko at
Fri Dec 1 07:20:31 CET 2006

Ben wrote:
> On 11/30/06, Joel Newkirk <moko at> wrote:

>> Currently wifi VOIP handsets range in price from $200 to $600 USD.  Food
>> for thought - that's solely a wifi phone.  The ability to seamlessly and
>> automatically switch among various carrier options like
>> VOIP-over-wifi/VOIP-over-GPRS/GSM would be quite a selling point IMHO.
> That would be a carrier dependent option, and one that would not be
> smiled upon by most carriers as it would cut their revenue...
> although, Optus' mobile internet option roams between WiFi, 3G and
> GSM, however, it is priced at rate per MB comparable to other 3G
> plans.
> I'm happy to work out what the call goes through, I'd just like to
> have the option to put it through something other than GSM.
> Ben

We're talking about a microphone and speaker that are controlled by an
open OS - we can connect them to whatever we want, the carrier has no
control over it.  (well, apart from the obvious drastic measure of
refusing service)


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