23C3 27.-30.12. 2006 Berlin -- Chaos Computer Club conference with interesting program ; )

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Fri Dec 1 11:31:23 CET 2006

Salve Michael!

On Thu, 30 Nov 2006, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:

> My health permitting (I have a hell of a stomach flu at the moment),
> I'll be in Berlin for the 23c3, 

Beside that the 23c3 starts in 27 days, 
I wish you get well soon! ;)

> if anyone of you want to meet Harald
> and me for an OpenMoko Q/A and brainstorming session, I'm all ears.

To ask Sean if Harald could have prototype with him
is maybe a little to close to an official presentation,
what have do been Sean job, it will be his honour.

But think with Harald and Sean if you could present
their some news/detail to wow the hacker...

E.g. a short greeting from Sean and the anouncement
   that it is shure that the v1. will have one SPI and 
   one I2C solder connector on the ciruit board 
   - so that e.g. openPCD could be added to your phone
   (maybe give the circuit board solderpoints for SPI
   and power (5 Volt like USB) and the plasic case
   an design with indicated  whole for an external
   connector - so that hardware hacker could drill 
   it at the given location and add the 5 pin connector
   (or would it work with 4? -3 SPI, 2 power supply) 

So some wow and rumor about news would make the hackers
thing more about OpenMoko/Neo1973 on this conference,
maybe how do new ideas that they will get on the 23C3 
with OpenMoko/Neo1973...

What do you think about b/w paper flyer in the original size of 
the Neo1973 with a picture of it on the one side - hardware 
infos standing on it's screen and some info about OpenMoko.org
community on the backside?
As invitation to hack with us?

So wish you the best, and I hope to see you at the 23C3,

PS: And how would it be to have OpenMoko.org T-shirts ;)
    The day to have real Neo1973 hanging at our necks
    visible - will be great - and would make it very easy
    to find other OpenMoko/Neo1973 hacker/developer/user
    on such an event :))))

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