fm/lw/mw radio receiver but also fm radio transmitter and PRM/LPD/CB transeiver - and PacketRadio.... ; )

Robert Michel openmoko at
Fri Dec 1 12:26:35 CET 2006


when the phone will have some serial interfaces on the circuit board
and there would be a 3 cm case instead of 2 cm audioconnectors
on the circuit board would be interesting to add:

- radio receiver (timed recording for the lates news, traffic information 
  recording or switching to the news or traffic information during
  listening to ogg/vorbis
  (data recieving between FM mono (R+L) and R-L modulation?
  this has power for (encrypted) messeaging service for a whole city...)
- radio transmitter - some contries does allow micro fm transmitter,
  so you need no cables anymore to use your car radio or ghetto blaster.
  even your radio alarm clock could be used to have more audio power
  to wake you up with sound from the neo.
  In a Bus - share your music with friends - they don't need to buy/have
  expensive Bluetooth earphones - just a small porable radio with
  earphones would good enough.
  By friends, just put your Neo1973 close to the friends radio
  - no adapter needed - works with every radio with indoor antenna ;)))
   (Data transmission via FM - between R+L and R-L modulation?)
   Because this is not allowed to use in every contries, it could become
   needed that the battery lid give acccess to a small circuit board,
   or jumper connection - slot for a quarz (uhhh  evil :) or IC to
   deactivate this feature in countries where micro fm transmitter would
   still be pirat radio.

Ah - would be nice to have external antenna - the stylus?

Build in PRM/LPD/CB tranceiver - packet radio via this tranceiver :)))

Wish you all a nice weekend,

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