DECT Re: fm/lw/mw radio receiver but also fm radio transmitter and PRM/LPD/CB transeiver - and PacketRadio.... ; )

Robert Michel openmoko at
Fri Dec 1 13:05:58 CET 2006


Robert Michel schrieb am Freitag, den 01. Dezember 2006 um 12:39h:

> Salve!
> To phone via a dect module would costs less power
> then WLAN - so such an option would be nice, too.

It would be fun to use DECT on the road - when a Neo
would have the power for two DECT connections, go to
an conference with a team - like the 23C3 - and 
the Neo1973 will be a PBX for them - all that the others
need will be cheap (used or borrowed) DECT phones.
Being Outdoor - DECT could be used there as well
and the funny thing: You could allow others to call out
via your Neo1973 - maybe two calls at the same time...

Think about travelling with more than one Car
have the possibility to do communication without
cost, just P2P, will make travelling with a group
much more fun - because costs will you put back 
to communicate with the others as often, as when
the communication would be free.

Because DECT or PRM devices are populare, this connection
would be more handy than a Neo1973 "only" communication via
Bluetooth or WiFI. For some Euro could buy them used
and offer them to your friend...

Audio Navigation informations - "next right" could be 
transmitted to your friend - driving behind you - that
you don't need to lead the convoy - you can encrease
the warning distance for new directions of your navigation
system and "next right" could be used from your friends
driving in front of you.

So to do not transmitt your music via DECT or PRM,
the audio channels should be able to split - 
R music (mono) via FM for your car, L audio for
communicate with your friend.
And hey - no second soundcard is needed - without
communication to your friends, the FM micro transmitter
could get R+L....

BTW AFAIK encrytped communication via PRM is not allowed -right?
So DECT does have another advantage that it is already encrypted
and it could be maybed got an improved encryption for Neo2Neo

Sean, do you like this ideas? What do you think will be possible
in near future/from the beginning?

By having one SPI, one audio in (simultanius to the mic - switched
the mic to right and external to the  left channel) one audio out
(stereo) and the freedom to programm the Neo1973 as we like it,
all this ideas could be hackable with external ciruits *g*
putting them into nice cases they can become handy.


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