sun compass with multi-touch sensor or multiple light sensors Re: Light sensor

Robert Michel openmoko at
Fri Dec 1 14:24:20 CET 2006


Could the multi-touch sensor be used as light sensor?
Would it work in two direction (two sides of the display
with on corner) even better 2D (4 sides of the display)? 

Then no additional sensor would be necessery (instead
of the additional sensor would be less power consumpting)
and the direction where the most light came from could be
used as well:

Hold the Neo1973 into direct sun light. Based on the
time (and longitude informaion) it could be used as
Hacking the multi-touch sensor software for rotating
maps - such a sun compas would let routate the map
automaticaly in North-South direction (the same as
a electronical compas would work)
The sun compass could use to calibrate or check
the magneticaly one.

Or use it as Sextant :)

Hang up your Neo1973 and fix it vertical with sun on
your display. Calculate the cenit position and time
for the sun. Messure the time between sunrise and sundown
and use this for calculating time or/and position.

When the sensor is sensitive enough - do it with the
moon as well.

In case that the multi-touch sensor isn't sensitive enough
- use two seperate light sensors.

And when you know your position and time with AGPS,
the two high sensitive light sensors could use to calculate
the inclination.

A third (or more) high sensitive sensor could help to use
the sun compass in all ways you hold your Neo1973 into the

To do some old style navigation with the neo would be
- fun
- instructive (to learn to navigate without GPS)
- and would be a fall back in case that GPS is switched of

Wish you to have sun this weekend!

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