Can The Proprietary GPS Daemon Be Removed?

Frode edorfaus at
Sun Dec 3 03:41:34 CET 2006


Just wanted to ask something here, that I didn't really see answered in this 
thread - from what I've gathered, the AGPS daemon is proprietary closed code, 
and I assume that uninstalling it would make AGPS unusable (*please* correct 
me if I'm wrong on this), while leaving the rest of the system working fine.

My question is: would it be possible to use non-assisted GPS without the 
proprietary daemon? Or will that too be disabled without it?


P.S. I've known about OpenMoko for a while now... At first I was impressed 
(still am) but didn't really think I'd get one; thought maybe once v2 is out, 
with WiFi - however, the more I've been thinking about it, the more I seem to 
be leaning towards buying one (v1) anyway. :P It's just too neat (and I've 
thought of several uses I'd have for it already, despite never having a PDA 
before, but being used to a laptop) not to.
And so, I'm back (didn't really look at it after I first saw it, but got 
reminded again recently), and this time found a mailinglist to subscribe to - 
I just finished reading the archives. :) Got a couple things to comment on, 
this one being first - since it's the last in the archives, thus most fresh 
in my mind.

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