openmoko on other FIC platforms as well?

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Mon Dec 4 10:59:21 CET 2006

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Thomas MARCHESSEAU schreef:
> Koen Kooi wrote:
> slubman schreef:
>>>> Le Lundi 4 Décembre 2006 09:16, Gabriel Ambuehl a écrit :
>>>>> On Sunday 03 December 2006 16:29, Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
>>>>>> We haven't talked in great detail about that yet. Right now we're
>>>>>> mainly
>>>>>> focusing on phones. But would you guys be interested in stuff like
>>>>>> this,
>>>>>> too?
>>>>> Personally I'd prefer it if the Neo1973 could act as PMP.... I sure
>>>>> won't
>>>>> carry 2 devices with me...
>>>> I'm sure the OpenMoko will have some media player, so it will be
>>>> possible to use it as a PMP. That's one effect of the "Open" platform.
> The software side isn't a big problem, the hardware is. s3c2410fb
> isn't what you would
> call fast, and certainly not for 16bit vga.
>> Hi Koen,
>> My team has cross-compiled Mplayer for a Qtopia Linux phone (Wistron ,
>> taiwain) ,  its an OMAP1710 ARM9 at 200Mhz (95Bogomipis) , and we can
>> handle 220x176 mpeg4 video at 20fps .

The omap1710 in my nokia 770 does 400x240 at 25fps using gstreamer. But keep in mind that
the s3c2410 doesn't have dsp to offload the decoding to.

>> im pretty sure openmoko can do
>> much more .

Software can't magically fix a slow framebuffer. Last I heard you couldn't trigger full
redraws at 20fps on the s3c2410fb, so all the decoding power in the world couldn't get you
fluid playback if you can't get it on the screen in time.

>> I read somewhere in this Mailling list that OpenMOKO will embed Mplayer
>> too, If OpenMoko's team are interrested im ok to have a look on Media
>> player possiblity on this device, Our mplayer's optmisation would be
>> released soon, all is GPL

That would be cool indeed. Are you going to push these upstream to mplayer svn as well?


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