openmoko on other FIC platforms as well?

Ole Tange at
Mon Dec 4 11:46:05 CET 2006

On 12/4/06, Stefan Schmidt <stefan at> wrote:

> In long term I would really prefer to have _one_ device for phone
> calls, contacts, dates, mp3 and perhaps small videos, navigation, etc.

I am currently always carrying my phone and camera with me (Siemens
S55 and Samsung  UCA5 5mpix). I am currently looking at swapping the
camera with Samsung NV3 (which is a camera with PMP). I do not see
myself buying a separate PMP.

I would love if my phone could cover these applications, too, so I
only have to carry 1 device (but a 2 mpix camera phone is just not
good enough).


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