(text/number/info/notes) input with power of multi-touch :)))) Re: multicolour multi-touch screen Re: OpenMoko/Neo1973 is pure (r)evolution :))) - do you recognized the power of "multi-touch gesture recognition"

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Tue Dec 5 14:04:33 CET 2006

Salve David!

On Tue, 05 Dec 2006, David Ormsbee wrote:

> Hey there,
> >This thread have some interesting other key input systems as well
> >and I like David's demo
> >> http://dave.hereticmonkey.com/musings/phone_keyboard.html
> >but correct me if I would be wrong - this are only single
> >touch concepts.
> They are single touch concepts, but I think that's important for a
> phone.

Of course - but beside using one pen, one finger multitouch
give us a chance of new, more powerfull concepts. :)
And when we do speak out this ideas that it will be our
technique - an open one :)

> I think that the text input system for a phone should still
> work when the user only has one hand available.  

Multi-touch != multi-hand 

You remind me to write "of course will encrease the posibility
to write with two hands with multi-touch (1,2,3,4, or five
fingers) the power to code the input functions - when just
one hand got the power of 4096 (or more) different information
imputs with multitouch and movement - by doing it with two
hands it will give the power of 4096²=16777216 :)))))))

Don't get me wrong - of coure I don't think that many people 
would learn 16777216 combinations to type faster...
I just wanted to show the power of code with multi-touch
(even without multi-colour)
Interesting would be the combination without moving the touchpoints
64*64=4096 so real fast typing would be possible.

But the huge number of codes would not only allow commands/function
inside an application and system wide - it would allow to use
stenographie concepts but also with variables inside a text modul:

"i" with 1/4 turning in clock direktion could be:
"I'm now $gps.localisation.now.name"
"i" with 1/2 turning in clock direktion could be:
"My next date will be at $calendar.date.next.time o'clock at

Or have text modules without given variable values

c with 1/2 turning in clock direction
"I would like to cook $ask.what_to_cook this evening with you."
So when i type c with 1/2 turning would print 
   I would like to cook $ask.what_to_cook this evening with you.
on the screen and a pop up window would ask me
   "What to cook?"
some movement of "f p f" would create "Pizza Fungi"

So to type 
"I would like to cook pizza fungi this evening with you."

Would need the input of "c f p f" (with some movements)

The popup for food could remind me the classes of food "fish, beaf,
pizza" and choocing the subclass pizza the next subclasses "magaritha,

BTW i liked the multi clipboard hack for the palm and would like
to see it with openmoko as well - so the latest quotes could be
choosable on the screen or get hotkeys :)

> I see people using
> their phones like this all the time.  They might be standing on the
> bus, with one hand holding a railing, and the other holding their
> phone.

So then you have only on hand to hold your device and to use
the same hand for typing.

> Then again, it's possible that the advantages of using multi-touch for
> text input will be so great that it's better to just use it and have a
> different keyboard mode to drop into if you only have one hand
> available.  I am really looking forward to trying this out when
> somebody codes it up.  :-)

Of course - I do not disagree - qoute from my mail:
>> First let me say that I do not think that one text input system
>> will be fit/the best for every Neo1973 user and also for every
>> situation. Interaction like normal mobile  2=a 22=b 222=c
>> will be a must have like a virtual querty/querz keyboard.
>> This thread have some interesting other key input systems as well
>> and I like David's demo
>> http://dave.hereticmonkey.com/musings/phone_keyboard.html
>> but correct me if I would be wrong - this are only single
>> touch concepts.

So please go ahead with your concept :)
Single finger import is important, too ;))

But I wanted to remind that beside single touch concept,
real *new* concepts (without patent protections) could be
possible - and this concpets could suport real fast
key import that you don't have the need for a external
querty keyboard  :))))


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