Is it portable? [scanned]

Robert Michel openmoko at
Tue Dec 5 17:29:46 CET 2006

Salve Richard!

On Tue, 05 Dec 2006, Richard Franks wrote:

> Will the OpenMoko repository contain drivers for all supported
> platforms, or will the drivers be distributed and bundled by the
> hardware vendor into a specific SDK - in this case FIC for the Neo1973?
> Or is that still to be decided?

AFAIK FIC is supporting OpenMoko to build a plattform for their
hardware - so why should FIC support developer to publish drivers
for Motorola devices inside the OpenMoko SDK?

Probably on the long term smartphone would be just open mobile PCs
and the hardwareproducer would like to use a distribution of their
choise and preinstall it on the mobile PC.

But for the first time I would like to support OpenMoko/Neo1973
as *much* as possible so that OpenMoko/Neo1973 become as fast as
possible interesting for low IT-skilled people of the mass-market
- that FIC has succsess selling their devices
- OpenMoko solutions will come to the mass-market users and not
  only to the self flashing users
- the succsess of FIC would inspire other hardwareproducer to
  open their hardware as well.

When we do not focusing on OpenMoko/Neo1973(FIC) and would take
the SDK for other phone project that the Neo1973 would be not
special, only a me-too hack - FIC would sell less devices, wouldn't
not be succsessfull to enter the phone market as a new player
and there could be no second or third generation of real open
phones from FIC.

So it is also up to us community if OpenMoko/Neo1973 will be 

Ok, on the longterm FIC will benefit when there are many deveopers,
even from other devices - but for starting the OpenMoko community
I would see it contra productive.

Imagine the Neo wouldn't have bluetooth from the beginning 
- some people would say that they prefer a reverse enginnierd
platform to have bluetooth power instead starting hacking something 
else. The same with the camera...

I beleave that the the Neo1973, especialy with AGPS, has a lot of
potential which does other phones and pdas don't have. :)

So IMHO OpenMoko/Neo1973 is not only the possbility to hack linux
on a phone - it is about introducing a more open minded 
linux-philosophy for smartphones
- whey spending time and effort to care about close source
  mobils with windows mobil or hacking on linux phone from
  motorola where motorola took the cheap linux but give 
  nothing (without asking with lawers) back to the community?

Why should we help Motorola to make possible to make their products 
better with copy&paste - when Motorola didn't give something back?

So when I do share my ideas and will code some of them, I would
like to support someone who is realy, wholeheartedly, open from
the beginning.

Just my 2 cents,

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