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Robert Michel openmoko at
Tue Dec 5 18:43:29 CET 2006

Salve Dave!

Dave Crossland schrieb am Dienstag, den 05. Dezember 2006 um 16:56h:

> On 05/12/06, Robert Michel <openmoko at> wrote:
> >
> >AFAIK FIC is supporting OpenMoko to build a plattform for their
> >hardware - so why should FIC support developer to publish drivers
> >for Motorola devices inside the OpenMoko SDK?
> Is this similar to the idea that Apple should license OS X for generic
> computers, not just their own hardware?

Not directly - I don't know how many people, but AFAI understood does
FIC pay/employ developer to build the OpenMoko SDK. And comparing with
Trolltec I do not expect a (expensive) licences to use this SDK.

To think about to use this SDK for other phones, just from the beginning
is in my eyes a "little bit" impolite - and thinking of other phones
because of a faster CPU or Wi-fi or a camera to shortsighted and
egocentric (I like most to play with Wi-fi...)
The cooperation with FIC could become a very fruitful symbiose
- can you remember to have such a dialog with the hardware producer
of a phone before the hardwaredesign is finished?

So when we do explain the power of a light sensor - that just
turning the device could block incomming calls when you do need
to be undisturbed for a moment - Sean could motivate FIC to include
such a sensor.

Or DECT/PMR or the digital version of PMR, DMR  (both range of 1-5km)
- when the hardware of thephone is not designed by the wish of the network 
operators we could profit form this cooperation/symbiose with FIC.
The same that I try to motivate Sean/FIC to have one free SPI conector
on the board for hardware hackers...

We could discuss which Bluetooth chip would have the best (open) driver
support so that the Neo1973 would become free of close source binary
driver and a real trustworthy enviroment.

Even when the fist hardware generation of the Neo1973 wouldn't be so 
special and other smartphones would be better 
- the real openess from the begining
- and the chance for a long time symbiose with FIC
is much more important than just having one phone to run linx with it.

Of course FIC will focus on selling hardware and will make profit with
doing that - but you are right selling a good distribution for other
phones could encrease the power of OpenMoko/FIC - when the hardware is
not equal, when FIC does have some sensors or interfaces that normal
smartphones (designed for the profit of the network operators)
people would my install OpenMoko on their Motorola first and buy then
a FIC phone.

But untill this (and a dual boot option) would run on the close
smartphones from other produceres - so easy that my mum would
install a different OS to test it out....
I don't think this will be happend in 2007 or 2008 - so this would
not be so important for the mass market so soon.

So IMHO would it be a benefit for us, the OpenMoko comunity, to focus
on the Neo1973 for the fist period to start a fruitfull longterm symbiosis
with FIC.

I could understood the wish to hack linux to run everywhere
- but when an open Linux smartphone should become a populare
product for the mass market - what does this hacks would help?

Wouldn't it worth to focusing on giving FIC a sucess, first?

And how efficient are such reverse enginiering hacks?
When came the Motorola A760 on the market and what is possible
to do with it until today? AFAIK are there still to much restrictions
- so hacking and developing on such an device is myabe cool, but
inefficient - even for those who like to portate the OpenMoko SDK
for other devices.

Why doing this?
- Weaken the chance of FIC to come as new player on the phone market?
- Wasting time to have a me-too on other devices instead of doing
  new things on the Neo1973?

I generate many ideas and do flood the list with them - of course
some focuse for the first stepps is necessary and focusing on just
one device would be a great help to have a rapid devevlopment for
this device. BTW I try to inspire you what all would be possible
with Neo1973 v1 - so I don't see the need for another supported
devcice (yet). (Ok and some of my ideas are to prevent patents
and to give an idea what power next Neo1973 could have when they
are not designed in order/instruction of the network operators.)

But again - I'm just a student, and try to support the great
idea OpenMoko/Neo1973 - but I'm no FIC person, especialy no who
cares about strategie.

About your OS X idea:
When OpenMoko is running *very fine* on the Neo1973 it could be
the time to start thinking of the idea to distribute/sell a
OpenMoko-distribution for other phones, but not now.

Even when FIC would say they would like to see OpenMoko running
on other devices - just my 2 cents would be:
"please let us focus on the Neo1973 for the next month"
IMHO it would realy worth it to do this! :)



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